Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kyle Anderson AKA Teen Wolf and UCLA Bruins Invades Beijing, China (PHOTOS)

The revamp UCLA Bruins squad went to Beijing, China this week on their tour. No Shabazz Muhammad but local right coast young fella Kyle Anderson AKA Teen Wolf went to play. Hair look pretty awesome. Going retro. Great trip for him as he is a quarter Asian. Nice way to see a bit of eastern culture. Had some people in Beijing send these game photos from Saturday night's game. 

Tony Parker doing his best American Idol or singing classic Mandarin songs? The Bruins alumni love it. 

Kyle Anderson demonstrating the art of steal.

"Tony Parker! Where are you? Get off the microphone and help me out here."

"8,000 push ups, 10,000 sit ups, a bottle of Gatorade Green-Tea... Yea that's how I do it."


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