Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 NIKE PRO CITY Semifinals | Take No Prisoners (TNP) Vs Dyckman / New York Athletic Club (NYAC)


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August 7th 2012 

2012 NIKE PRO CITY Semifinals

Take No Prisoners (TNP) Vs Dyckman / New York Athletic Club (NYAC)

Take No Prisoners TNP Roster (Gray):
#5 Kenny Satterfield [ University of Cincinnati ]
#10 Antawn Dobie [ LIU Long Island University ]
#11 Cheyne Gadson [ OSU Oklahoma State University ]
#12 Kirk Williams [ Longwood University ]
#15 Allan Sheppard [ St Francis College ]
#21 Troy Marcus [ Arkansas Tech University ]
#24 Charles Jones [ LIU Long Island University ]
#25 Kyle Cuffe [ St John's University ]
#33 Tyshawn Valentine [ Sullivan County Community College ]
#35 Anthony Glover [ St John's University ]
#53 Anthony Cox [ Farmingdale State College ]

Dyckman / New York Athletic Club (NYAC) Roster (Orange):
#3 Donald Copeland [ Seton Hall University ]
#5 Nate Brown [ St Peter's College ] 
#11 Armani Cotton [ Yale University ]
#12 Louis Dale [ Cornell University ]
#15 Boakai Lalugba [ Bucknell University ]
#21 Alejo Rodriguez [ Iona College ]
#24 Sean Marshall [ Boston College ] 
#25 Pawel Buczak [ Princeton University ] 
#31 Jeff Foote [ Cornell University ]
#33 Bryant Dunston [ Fordham University ]
#44 Brendan Connolly [ Princeton University ]


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