Friday, July 20, 2012

Armani Cotton of Yale Blocks Nick Carter A La Tayshaun Prince Block On Reggie Miller At 2012 NIKE PRO CITY

Where does The Basketball Diary begin with this video? Armani Cotton blocks Nick Carter's layup. By doing this he almost knocked off his own head. A few more inches higher he would have hit the medal bracket for the fire sensor. It's one this to run in to a crowd but another to run in to a wall made of bricks. That Yale diploma is more important than a single block, boy. But it was so awesome! X Game certified. That is why this block is badass. Could not help but to remind ourselves of the Tayshaun Prince block on Reggie Miller. Here are the two videos for comparison.  

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July 3rd 2012 


Primetime Vs Dyckman / New York Athletic Club (NYAC)


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