Monday, August 27, 2012

The 2012 NIKE PRO CITY Schedule at Baruch College Including Full Game Links

2012 NIKE PRO CITY Schedule

Venue: Baruch College, New York City (24th Street and Lexington Ave.)

Admission: Free 

Every Tuesdays and Thursdays Rain or Shine

Schedule are set. No Changes. 



June 14th 2012 
630pm Take No Prisoners (TNP) Vs Prime Time 
830pm The Franchise Vs Dyckman/NYAC

June 19th 2012 
630pm Dyckman/NYAC Vs Uptowners 
830pm X-Men Vs Take No Prisoners (TNP)

June 21st 2012 
630pm Big Apple Basketball Vs PDG Queensbridge
830pm The Franchise Vs Prime Time 

June 26th 2012 
630pm The Franchise Vs Dyckman/NYAC
830pm Prime Time Vs PDG Queensbridge

June 28th 2012 
630pm Take No Prisoners (TNP) Vs Uptowners 
830pm X-Men Vs Big Apple Basketball

July 3rd 2012 
630pm PDG Queensbridge Vs Take No Prisoners (TNP)
830pm Prime Time Vs Dyckman/NYAC

July 5th 2012 
630pm Uptowners Vs Big Apple Basketball
830pm X-Men Vs The Franchise 

July 10th 2012 
630pm Big Apple Basketball Vs Prime Time 
830pm Take No Prisoners (TNP) Vs The Franchise 

July 12th 2012 
630pm Dyckman/NYAC Vs X-Men
830pm PDG Queensbridge Vs Uptowners

July 17th 2012 
630pm X-Men Vs Uptowners
830pm Dyckman/NYAC Vs Big Apple Basketball

July 19th 2012 
630pm Prime Time Vs Take No Prisoners (TNP)
830pm The Franchise Vs PDG Queensbridge

July 24th 2012 
630pm Take No Prisoners (TNP) Vs Big Apple Basketball
830pm Prime Time Vs X-Men

July 26th 2012 
630pm Uptowners Vs The Franchise
830pm PDG Queensbridge Vs Dyckman/NYAC

July 31st 2012 
630pm PDG Queensbridge Vs X-Men
830pm The Franchise Vs Big Apple Basketball 

August 2nd 2012 
630pm Uptowners Vs Prime Time 
830pm Dyckman/NYAC Vs Take No Prisoners (TNP)


August 7th 2012 
630pm Take No Prisoners (TNP) Vs Dyckman/NYAC
830pm The Franchise Vs Uptowners


August 9th 2012 
700pm Dyckman/NYAC Vs The Franchise 


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