Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 IS8 Nike Spring Classic Playoffs Quarterfinals | (Long Island Lightning) Vs Juice All Stars


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May 20th 2012 

2012 IS8 Nike Spring Classic Playoffs Quarterfinals (Long Island Lightning) Vs Juice All Stars (Long Island Lightning) Roster (White:
#3 Dayshon Smith [ Putnam Science Academy CT ] 
#4 Kareem Canty [ Marshall University - Faith Baptist Christian School FL ] 
#5 Kentrell Brooks [ St Anthony High School NJ ]
#10 Jon Severe [ Christ The King High School ] 
#12 Kamari Murphy [ OSU Oklahoma State University - IMG Academy FL ]
#13 Zach Lewis [ Northwest Catholic High School CT ]
#14 Kedar Edwards [ South Plains College - West Oaks High School FL ]
#15 Jason Boswell [ Trinity Catholic High School CT ] 
#21 Kuran Iverson [ Northwest Catholic High School CT ]
#22 Lawrence Beckett [ Arturo A Schomburg Satellite Academy ]

Juice All Stars Roster (Blue):
#3 Jaquan Lynch [ Thomas Jefferson Campus High School ]
#5 Leroy Fludd [ Boys and Girls High School ]
#10 Anthony Williams [ Abraham Lincoln High School ]
#10 Jose Battle [ William Grady High School ] 
#11 Shaquille Davis [ Abraham Lincoln High School ]
#14 Reuben King [ Abraham Lincoln High School ] 
#15 Michael Vigilance [ Abraham Lincoln High School ]
#21 Jordan Dickerson [ IMG Academy FL - Abraham Lincoln High School ]
#22 Kareem Johnakin [ Thomas Jefferson Campus High School ]


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