Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hudson Catholic High School ( New Jersey ) Vs St Peter's Preparatory School ( New Jersey )


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February 25th 2012 

Hudson Catholic High School ( New Jersey ) Vs St Peter's Preparatory School ( New Jersey )

Hudson Catholic High School ( New Jersey ) Roster (White):
#1 Travis Flagg 
#2 Med FoFana
#3 Kavon Stewart 
#5 Reggie Cameron 
#10 Marc Wilson 
#11 Grant Ellis Iona College 
#12 Nassir Barrino 
#13 JR Lynch 
#15 Rakwan Kelly 
#20 Jesse Jones
#21 Kyle McLeggan 
#25 Michael Young 
#31 Richard Chapman 
#32 Safee Sabur

St Peter's Preparatory School ( New Jersey ) Roster (Maroon):
#2 Austin White 
#3 Trevis Wyche 
#4 Jordan Harris 
#5 Matt Halchak 
#11 Kieran Purcell 
#15 Karl Mauer 
#21 Sean Cummings 
#23 Freddie Jones 
#24 Marquise Watson 
#32 Tyrone O'Garro 
#33 Sean Ryan 
#35 Austin Roche 
#40 Jordan Arthur 
#45 Chris Wright 
#55 Vic Jusino


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