Thursday, February 23, 2012

Holy Cross High School ( Queens ) Vs Xaverian High School ( Brooklyn )

February 22nd 2012 

Holy Cross High School ( Queens ) Vs Xaverian High School ( Brooklyn ) 

Holy Cross High School ( Queens ) Roster (White):
#3 Mark Matinale 
#5 Joshua Wallace 
#10 Terrell Williams 
#11 Akil Spruill 
#12 Ryan Wilson 
#14 Gemaal Davis 
#15 Edward Roscigno 
#20 William Davis 
#21 Antonio DeMarinis 
#22 Marquise Moore 
#23 Mairega Clarke
#24 Anthony Libroia 
#25 Osaze Chase-Small 
#30 Malachi Hoskins 

Xaverian High School ( Brooklyn ) Roster (Navy):
#5 Joseph Dello Russo 
#15 Dillion Burns C.W. Post LIU ( Long Island University ) 
#20 Ronald Simonson 
#21 Robert Russiter 
#22 Brian Bernardi SMU ( Southern Methodist University )
#23 George Combert 
#24 Shawn Dillon 
#33 Stanley Peacock 
#34 Andrew Petric 
#40 Shaqheel Komp


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