Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christ The King High School ( Queens ) Vs Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School ( Brooklyn )

February 22nd 2012 

Christ The King High School ( Queens ) Vs Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School ( Brooklyn )

Christ The King High School ( Queens ) Roster (White):
#1 Isaiah Lewis
#2 Eric Ishman 
#3 Isaiah Cosbert
#5 Malik Harmon 
#10 Jon Severe
#11 Chris Mormon
#12 Adnois Delarosa 
#15 Maynard Grant
#20 Thomas Holley
#21 Omar Calhoun UConn ( University of Connecticut )
#22 James Coleman
#23 Jesse Higgins
#30 Marthely Senat 
#33 Jordan Fuchs

Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School ( New York ) Roster (Purple):
#1 Elisha Boone 
#2 Lavar Harewood
#3 Jordan Nanton 
#4 Jordan Gonzalez 
#5 Michael Williams 
#10 Kevin Ravanell Jr 
#11 Khadeen Carrington 
#14 Jeffrey Lange 
#15 Darius James 
#20 Shywann Spencer 
#21 Nicholas Lange 
#22 Devyn Wilson 
#24 DaQuan Miller 
#32 Anthony Vernon


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