Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Campus Magnet High School ( Queens ) Vs Wadleigh Secondary School ( Manhattan )

Campus Magnet High School ( Queens ) Vs Wadleigh Secondary School ( Manhattan )
January 29th 2012 

Campus Magnet High School ( Queens ) Roster (White):
#3 Jalen Robinson 
#10 Samuel Duradola
#13 Grequan Carter 
#15 Tarik Raynor 
#21 Noha Vickers
#22 Brian Luke 
#24 Tyrell Fields 
#31 Justin Harvey
#32 Charles Prescot 
#40 Tarren Harrison

Wadleigh Secondary School ( Manhattan ) Roster (Black):
#1 Louis Costen 
#4 Stephen Turner 
#5 Harley Basil 
#10 Kenneth Thomas 
#11 Rasheen O'Connor
#12 Anthonnnell Ramos 
#13 Lenny Ilunga Kadisha 
#15 Ronnie Howard 
#20 Michael Crump 
#21 Victor Francisco 
#23 Donovan Wilkerson


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