Sunday, January 15, 2012

Abraham Lincoln High School ( Brooklyn ) Vs Boys and Girls High School ( Brooklyn )

Abraham Lincoln High School ( Brooklyn ) Vs Boys and Girls High School ( Brooklyn )
January 14th 2012 

Abraham Lincoln High School ( Brooklyn ) Roster (White):
#2 Marquis Morton
#5 Ethan Telfair 
#10 Da Shawn Suber 
#11 Trevonn Morton 
#12 Ian Vasquez
#14 Rakim Lasane 
#15 Isaiah Whitehead 
#20 Tafari Whittingham
#21 Travis Charles 
#22 David Campbell 
#23 Shaquille Davis 
#24 Kwame Morton 
#25 Isaiah Watson 
#34 Anaselrahm Abdu 
#44 Michael Vigilance 

Boys and Girls High School ( Brooklyn ) Roster (Black):
#1 Leroy Fludd
#3 Bryce Jones
#4 Joel Angus
#5 Tyliek Kimbrough
#10 Courtney Darnley 
#11 Shakur Pinder
#12 Shaquille Thomas 
#14 John Courcelle
#15 Nick Jackson
#20 Marvin Prochet
#21 Nick Bauciquot 
#22 Delonte Reid 
#23 Wesley Myers 
#24 Rashad Andrews 
#25 Khalil Risher 
#30 Juwan Miley
#33 Larry Moore 
#34 Dimitri Jarrett 
#42 Romario Allen 
#44 Jamie Killings


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