Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trenton Catholic Academy ( New Jersey ) Vs St Anthony High School ( New Jersey )

2011 Hoop Group Tip Off Showcase
Trenton Catholic Academy ( New Jersey ) Vs St Anthony High School ( New Jersey )
December 18th 2011 

Trenton Catholic Academy ( New Jersey ) Roster (Blue):
#1 Nazier Chew 
#2 Devon Shelton 
#3 Khalil Batie 
#4 Charles Cooke JMU ( James Madison University )
#5 George Sapp 
#10 Amir Maddred 
#11 chance Patterson 
#12 Travis Gbeintor 
#15 AJ Sumbry
#20 Chazz Patterson Mount St Mary's College 
#22 Nate King 
#23 Malachi Richardson 
#24 Brandon Taylor PSU ( Pennsylvania State University )

St Anthony High School ( New Jersey ) Roster (White):
#1 Josh Brown 
#2 Tony Houston 
#3 Hallice Cooke 
#5 Kyle Anderson UCLA ( University of California Los Angeles )
#10 Tariq Carey 
#11 Jordan Forehand 
#12 Chris Regus 
#15 Kody Jenkins 
#21 Kentrell Brooks 
#23 Tarin Smith 
#24 Tim Coleman
#30 Edon Molic 
#32 Jimmy Hall Hofstra University 
#33 Jerome Frink 
#42 Jordan Compas


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