Monday, December 19, 2011

Girls - South Shore High School ( Brooklyn ) Vs Francis Lewis High School ( Queens )

South Shore High School ( Brooklyn ) Vs Francis Lewis High School ( Queens )
December 16th 2011

South Shore High School ( Brooklyn ) Roster (Purple):
#1 Sycine Riggins
#2 Cammock Aurellia 
#3 Emmeri Archer 
#4 Amanda Cruz 
#5 Tiffany Fields 
#10 Ashley McDonald
#12 Radasha Pope 
#13 Aliyah Cooley 
#14 Jenice Winter VCU ( Virginia Commonweath University ) 
#15 Teanna Henderson
#21 Malika Chisolm 
#23 Kadijah Jones 
#24 Samantha Bellinger 
#31 Fannisha Price Marshall University 
#33 Shelby Powell 
#34 Brianna Fraser 
Dorcas Hammond 
Shari Laird 

Francis Lewis High School ( Queens ) Roster (White):
#1 Alexandra Sierra 
#2 Erica Ward 
#3 Sabrina Gacevic 
#4 Tyese Purvis
#11 Robyn Francis 
#12 Annalise Fee 
#13 Jasmine Davis 
#21 Anika Pornpitaksuk 
#22 Jazmine Hamlet 
#24 Kristyl Rodriguez 
#33 Taylor Stanton 
#44 Sherice Gayle


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