Thursday, December 15, 2011

Girls - The Mary Louis Academy ( Queens ) Vs Bishop Ford High School ( Brooklyn )

The Mary Louis Academy ( Queens ) Vs Bishop Ford High School ( Brooklyn )
December 14th 2011 

The Mary Louis Academy ( Queens ) Roster (White):
#1 Jasmine Nwajei
#3 Jacqueline Gillen 
#4 Kimberly Myers 
#2 Kristen Podlovits 
#10 Olivia Ilardi 
#11 Jordan Agustus 
#12 McKayla Hernandez 
#14 Briana Podlovits 
#20 Deja Tait 
#21 Mei-Lyn Bautista 
#22 Emily Arias 
#23 Kimberly Mederos 
#24 Reanna Mohammed 
#44 Elisabeth Gully 
#55 Kate Goldman

Bishop Ford High School ( Brooklyn ) Roster (Red):
#1 Aaliyah Jones 
#3 Aaliyah Lewis 
#4 Jill Conroy
#5 Jeane Jennings 
#10 Candace Jolly 
#14 Annie Pannasopolous
#15 Shanice Vaughan UTEP ( University of Texas at El Paso )
#23 Ajannae Gates
#24 Brittany Martin 
#25 Brittany Henry
#32 Brittany Lewis
#33 Tanasia Blake 
#44 Bretney Prescott


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