Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christian Brothers Academy CBA ( New Jersey ) Vs Linden High School ( New Jersey )

2011 Hoop Group Tip Off Showcase
Christian Brothers Academy CBA ( New Jersey ) Vs Linden High School ( New Jersey )
December 17th 2011 

Christian Brothers Academy CBA ( New Jersey ) Roster (Blue):
Evan Gordinier 
Kieran Hughes 
Eric Shaw 
Johnny Gatens 
Trevon Gross Jr
TJ Verdiglione 
Brian Madden 
Donald Burns
Louis Pillari 
Tom Aldridge 
Billy McCue 
Jonathan Bloodgood 
Edward Klementowicz 
Jimmy Dengler 
Joe Saker 
Stephen Brennan 
Daniel Andree 
Kevin Neller 

Linden High School ( New Jersey ) Roster (White):
#1 Juwan Dolbrice 
#2 Ruhann Peele
#3 Kervin Bazile 
#4 Marcus Fleming 
#5 Juwan Jones 
#10 Khalil Burns 
#12 Jaquille Wright 
#13 Fequiere Wright 
#14 Nazir Seamon 
#15 Michael Campo 
#20 Shakir Phelps 
#22 Richard Brown 
#23 Raekwon Walker 
#24 Udraka Bey
#25 Raymond Hayes 
#30 Quadri Moore


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