Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brewster Academy ( New Hampshire ) Vs Tilton School ( New Hampshire )

Brewster Academy Invitational 2011 
Brewster Academy ( New Hampshire ) Vs Tilton School ( New Hampshire ) 
December 10th 2011 

Brewster Academy ( New Hampshire ) Roster (Blue):
#0 Richard O'Brien 
#1 Semaj Christon Xavier University 
#2 Rudolfs Arnicans 
#3 Gilbert McGregor 
#4 Jalen Reynolds Xavier University 
#10 Cameron Jones 
#14 JaKarr Sampson 
#24 John Edwards 
#25 Aaron Thomas FSU ( Florida State University )
#30 Joe Bramanti 
#32 T.J. Warren NC State ( North Carolina State University ) 
#33 Mitch McGary University of Michigan

Tilton School ( New Hampshire ) Roster (White):
#2 Caleb Unni 
#3 Nerlens Noel 
#4 Wayne Selden 
#5 Evandro Bildau
#10 Ben King 
#11 Domonique Bull University of Missouri 
#12 Goodluck Okonobh
#20 Georges Niang ISU ( Iowa State University )
#24 Mike Swanson 
#25 Brandon Bibbs 
#31 Cameron Durley 
#33 John Witkowski
#35 Ignacio Ballve Garcia 
#42 Kevin Crescenzi Dartmouth College 
#52 Kyle Holmquist-Parker


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