Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Abraham Lincoln High School ( Brooklyn ) Vs Thomas Jefferson Campus High School ( Brooklyn )

Abraham Lincoln High School ( Brooklyn ) Vs Thomas Jefferson Campus High School ( Brooklyn )
December 13th 2011 

Abraham Lincoln High School ( Brooklyn ) Roster (Blue):
#5 Ethan Telfair 
#10 Da Shawn Suber 
#11 Trevonn Morton 
#12 Ian Vasquez
#14 Rakim Lasane 
#15 Isaiah Whitehead 
#20 Tafari Whittingham
#21 Travis Charles 
#22 David Campbell 
#23 Shaquille Davis 
#24 Kwame Morton 
#25 Isaiah Watson 
#34 Anaselrahm Abdu 
#44 Michael Vigilance 

Thomas Jefferson Campus High School ( Brooklyn ) Roster (White):
#0 Jaquan Lynch 
#1 Rachard Moody
#2 Jalen Evans
#3 Patrick Brown
#5 Michael Watson Jr
#10 Julileon Boney
#11 Thaddeus Hall 
#13 Kareem Johnakin
#14 Nazai Stokes 
#20 Brandon Andrews
#22 Kadeem McNeill 
#23 Tariq Okuwobi 
#25 Raymel Wicker
#31 Edward Ogundeko 
#33 Daijan Palmer 
#35 Jermoine Faison 
#55 Christian Grinage


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